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Fello is the first social, professional, and creative platform for college students, empowering them to bring their ideas to life in a collaborative environment.


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A Fello is a university student with a talent or skill who is looking to work on projects, hobbies, startups, sell their services or simply has an idea they want to pursue. Examples of Fellos include designers, app developers, photographers, campaigners, entrepreneurs, campus leaders, and more.

Find and collaborate with talented Fellos at your school as well as other universities across the nation.

Find Inspiration


One of the biggest roadblocks for students is finding inspiration and motivation. Fello allows you to not only avoid creativity blocks, but also find out about cool projects other students are working on at your school and across the nation.

Our platform is powered by AI and Machine Learning so it is customized to you.

Follow Your Passion


Following your passion and finding new ones as a college student can be very challenging. With stressful school work, job recruitment, and other commitments, making the time to do what you love has never been more important.

Fello gives you the community to overcome these challenges and have fun!

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