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Make passion pursuit

a priority.

Fello is a social and professional platform that empowers talented, college students to bring their ideas to life.

Conveniently access passion projects and highly skilled candidates, who are actively seeking to collaborate.

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A college student with technical skills who is looking to work on projects, hobbies, startups, or simply has an idea they want to pursue. Examples of Fellos include developers, software engineers, data scientists, and more.


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Follow your passion by joining exciting projects that align with your interests. This provides you the perfect opportunity to apply your technical learning, become a more competitive candidate for industry, and have a real impact in the world.

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Find a Fello


Find and collaborate with talented Fellos at your school as well as other universities across the nation. The Fellos on our platform are screened to ensure that you find the best teammates so you can achieve your project goals.

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